A Week Without Technology?

I found this video on YouTube after doing a random search for "crackberry." I'm a new user (I purchased the new 8830 world edition over Thanksgiving break and I love it.

Due to my newfound addiction, I have started to run into things while walking. This could become a problem.

Anyway- back to the video. This video features Dennis Neal, managing editor of Forbes Magazine. He volunteered to "go without" email, cell phones, and his blackberry for a week.

Is it possible? Could you do it? I couldn't.

I love that he could "hear" the cell phone ringing- and also that he went through withdrawl. Another reason why it's a "crack" berry.

He brought up some interesting points though- in Today's society we are very demanding and expect instantaneous communication. Cutting off our "connection" (literally) may be liberating at first but I don't think I could do it. Similar to Dennis Neal, I'm living a "wired" existence in a "wireless world."

Dennis lasted 40 hours.