Maine’s Wife Carrying Championships (unrelated to Tech)

Bethel, Maine: Even if you can’t be here for the annual North American Wife Carrying Championships, Bethel is worth the detour off the well-traveled Maine Coast. Here in the White Mountains and along the Androscoggin River lie some of the state’s most exciting adventures, such as backpacking the new 42-mile Grafton Loop Trail, which has premier views of sparkling lakes and rolling hills. The Androscoggin teems with rainbow and brown trout while the town’s calendar is filled with community road runs, adventure triathlons and canoe and kayak races. Bethel is also a classic New England town with enough charm to warm cold winter nights after a day dog-sledding and cross-country skiing around the Telemark Inn or skiing and snowboarding Sunday River Ski Resort (207-824-3000). It’s Sunday River that hosts the Wife Carrying Championships every fall; teams train to compete on a 278-yard obstacle course and to win the wife’s weight in Red Hook beer.

via MSN city guides on the 10 Best Outdoor Cities.

I love the part that says "win the wife's weight in Red Hook Beer." YES!!!!!!!