Daily Orange Article #3: Student Software

Blackberry addiction "has been labeled similar to drugs," according to Rutgers University. In a 2006 study, eROI, a leading interactive marketing and research agency, found that 66 percent of people check e-mail every day and expect a same-day response.

And on the Syracuse University campus, it is no surprise to see students and professionals alike staring at their smart phones while walking from class to class.

The overuse of gadgets and devices such as the Blackberry and the Internet attaches every part of life to technology. But new software applications available for download can help students maximize productivity - and save their health.

Eric Hansen, an online communications and social media specialist with L.M. Dulye & Co., recognizes the need for students to take breaks to stretch while using technology.

"I recommend AntiRSI for Mac users and Workrave for PC users," Hansen said. "Every four minutes it makes you take a break to stretch. Every 52 minutes, it gives you an eight- minute break. It really helps because it helps your productivity."

Many free options are available to aid technology users from becoming victims of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). RSIs occur when any repeated limb movement causes muscle or tendon injuries over time. Time Out for Mac users, for example, is a fully customizable application that slowly fades the computer screen and turns off iTunes to ensure that the user takes a break.

"I wish I had known about it when I was in college," Hansen said. "Everyone in the entire world should be using this software." Read of the rest of the article here