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Marcus Harun wants to be a broadcast journalist. And though he is only 16 years old, he is on his way, already having five clips appear on CNN. He did this through CNN's iReport initiative, in which viewers can send in footage or photos to CNN directly with the potential to see their own work on TV. Since August 2006, CNN received nearly 100,000 submissions with less than 10 percent appearing on CNN network, according to Media Week.

With the interest of the general public behind the initiative, "a user-generated site was the logical next step," said Jim Walton, president of CNN worldwide in an article published in Media Week Magazine.

CNN bought the iReport.com domain in January for $750,000 from Rick Schwartz, a pioneer domain investor, according to the Domain Name Journal.

Because of the popularity of the submission for television, iReport released a beta version, allowing user submissions directly online.

A cross between YouTube, Digg and Flikr, iReport is CNN's online portal for photos and videos, with submissions from budding journalists to the average Joe.

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