Pantone… colors AND products?

Sure, us techies know and love Pantone as standardized color swatches that make a presence in Photoshop, but I had no idea the company broke into consumer goods for the (general) population. Sure, they sell crazy things like color viewing units ($1k) and a handy color picker gadget (this is actually pretty cool, it gives you pantone color info for random colors you see, $300), but pantone FLASH DRIVES? hummm. Ok, so I think it's kindof cool, plus for branding and all. But if you're PANTONE, shouldn't you sell more than just 14 colors? Sure, you can get them laser engraved (corporate gifts) but if you wanted to buy a bunch, shouldn't they offer your "specific" pantone color?

I know that Syracuse has a special orange that is "ours," I learned what it was in my web design class but I forget. If i remember I will post it!