Networking in the Blogosphere.

One cliché in particular comes to mind- "It's not what you know, but who you know." Personally, I am not a big fan of overused sayings, but opening up your network to new ideas, new points of view, and therefore new people is essential. Essential to personal, professional and also... technological growth. Last night, while enjoying the display of my new 22" LCD flatscreen (it's beautiful), I was searching for one of my two favorite stationary lines and I came across a blog with wit, a little cynicism and quite a bit of original thought. It's not techy, but it has everything a good blog should have: white space, a central topic/idea, and an easy environment to explore all the blog has to offer. The Preppy Princess.

After posting a comment, the princess herself and I decided to do a link exchange- and she said in an email that

"The Pursuit of Techyness is "just snazzy. I like the way you explain stuff without making it condescending or being patronizing, a very fine line to walk I think."

Truly, it's emails like this one that encourage me to keep up with the blog. Never be afraid to leave a comment or ask for a link exchange with another blogger! The benefits from collaboration (even in an virtual setting) can be remarkable. If you read a post and have something to say- always leave a comment, it gives the writer that extra nudge :)