Fake + Blog = FLOG.

Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook applications, Mobile Apps, Google AdWords, Twitter, Desktop Widgets, FriendFeed, Orkut, RSS... the list goes on. Everyone's talking about it--How to use new media technologies for a corporate or business use. Maybe it's to save money. Or make money. Whatever.  (this also depends on where you fall on the S-curve of tech adoption)

Either way, it's important to POST: People first, Objectives second, Solutions third, and Technology (last).

Speaking of which, remember the Wal-Marting Across America blog disaster? Don't create a flog (fake blog). People just don't seem to respond well. If you're going to make that jump into the world of social media technologies, keep it real, son.

Notable Flogs (thanks wikipedia)

These flogs are pretty funny. like this recent post from Obama's flog:

A new AP-Yahoo poll shows me trailing John McCain by 5 points among the 63% of you idiots who own pets. In other words, I could lose the election because of people who spend their weekends buying hamster wheels at Pet World.

Look, I moved around a lot. My mom never let me have a pet. I just never learned to warm up to those little dime-store turtles. That's why we don't have a pet. Does that mean I'm a bad person?

Okay, so it does. But there are only two people in the world who have a right to complain about it. My kids. But if you think I'm cleaning out a kitty-box just to become President of the United States--think again.  -fake obama