Love/Hate Relationships: What tops the list?

#5. Glasses: I love that my eyesight isn't really terrible, but I hate that my glasses get in the way. Get contacts you say? I feel like that would be worse. #4. Addicting TV shows (Heroes, Gossip Girl): I just hate waiting to find out what happens.

#3. High Heeled Shoes: I love that they are so pretty and make my feet look nice, but I really hate you when my feet are in pain from such shoes.

#2. My Blackberry: When you work, I love you. When you have no signal strength and can't load files/web pages/whatever or if you decide to shut down on me, I really hate you. C'mon can't we all just be friends?

#1: EMAIL. ok. on to the point of this article (getting into the techyness of things). We love it, we hate it. It's nice to have, but people wish they didn't have it. People feel the same way about their cell phones.

A recent article from ABC News cites the worst offenses in email that we all hate...

Netiquette No-No #1: The Passive-Aggressive Copy

As e-mail has become the predominant language of corporate culture, political minefields have developed about things seemingly as arcane as who you copy on an e-mail.

And don't deny you haven't done it yourself: You want to make sure your colleague pays attention to your request, so you copy their boss.

Netiquette No-No #2: Reply All

E-mailers who will not stop hitting the "reply all" plague people from every walk of life — even etiquette experts.

The article cites everyone's favorite all-knowing "miss manners," Emily Post. Her site offers advice on how to stay classy, even online.

Miss Post reminds us to always respond to emails, make sure to use the subject line to describe the subject of the email, re-read it before you send it, and always keep it professional.

Additional advice from Techyness:

  • If you're angry, punch a pillow. Don't write an email (especially on your work's network)
  • Don't think you're going to get away with something. You're not. People are watching. (I'm in IT trust me)
  • Store your email in a .pst file (move emails out of your inbox, people!)
  • Just be nice, people. It is your job. You work with these people. You probably see them more than your family/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever.
  • Shut down your laptop. Stay away from standby unless it's just sitting quietly at your desk.
  • Turn down the brightness on your monitor. Does it really need to radiate that much light?
  • Learn keyboard commands. It'll impress your friends (haha)
  • When giving a presentation, hit "B" for a black/blank slide. It might save you sometime.
  • Read. Like real books. Maybe. Try it sometime, you might like it

You stay classy, Internet.