Tailgating Technologies: Bringing the Party with You.

Last saturday I traveled to South Bend, Indiana to experience what my friends have denoted as the ultimate tailgate: Notre Dame. While visiting the campus and exploring and participating in pre-game festivities, I came to the realization that they may be on to something- the high-tech configurations of vehicles (and even garages!) led me to do additional research on the subject.

For example, I came across a "Port-a-Party" - not POTTY but PARTY! Yes. it's real. The website says its "how good times roll" since it's a completely portable sports bar and hospitality unit. Currently available in Florida and Georgia, you can also call for franchise opportunities.

However, since renting a port-a-party unit is not a possibility for everyone, there are many other options.

First off, if you can't mod your personal vehicle, you can always buy a trailer. The Tailgating Innovations Multimedia Trailer includes a Sony Bravia home theater system with 5.1 surround sound and a 47-inch Visio LCD flat panel television.  It's also pre-wired for satellite and includes a grill. At about $12,500 for the standard edition, you can always ask for a completely customized option if that's what your into.

Last fall, at&t "tailgated" (haha) on the college football season to promote the company through their "technology tour." The tour consisted of visiting selected games with a 53-foot truck that offers, featuring free wireless ringtone downloads, wireless and Homezone demonstrations, plasma flat screen TVs, High-Speed Internet connections, gaming stations, and free e-shot photo areas. Can I get one?

Consider yourself an ultimate tailgater? Compare yourself (or get a few ideas) from the "ultimate tailgater" blog available on myoutdoortv.com. Another blog, TailgatingIdeas.com even wrote a post on the economy has not "touched" tailgating.

But the best is that I stumbled upon results from a tailgating survey (seriously). Full results are available here via Tailgating Times.

  • 34.4% of tailgaters chose Steak as their favorite tailgating food
  • 27.7% prefer Burgers
  • 12.8% prefer Bratwurst
  • 11.9% prefer Chicken
  • 11.9% prefer Ribs

phew. I was concerned.