Gen Y - Punks Who Want to Use Their Own Toys @ Work

A friend of mine recently shared the following article with me as "food for techyness." Always greatful for people who send me content that I can reflect upon in techyness, I have to send out a special shoutout. It's wild how much this article falls into a side project that I am working on for one of our CIOs/my boss. In the workplace today, upper management is wondering about how to plan for the mix of generations interacting in the workplace, especially with us crazy 20-somethings. (for more background on this, check out this post I wrote on "The Millennials are Coming")

This article proves that there is a  "disconnect between the technology that organizations provide their workers and how young workers actually want to use technology and collaborate in the workplace."

Some key findings include:

  • More than 20 percent of the respondents stated that employer-provided technologies did not meet expectations, while one-third of the mid-Millennials said they expect not only to use the computer of their choice, but also to access the technology applications of their choice once in the workforce (32 percent and 34 percent respectively)
  • Three-quarters of the mid-Millenials report that they have accessed online collaborative tools (75 percent) and online applications (71 percent) from free public websites when those technologies were not available at work or not meeting their expectation.
  • Millennials expect employers to provide communication channels such as online chat, instant messaging, mobile text messaging and RSS feeds to communicate with their customers and clients.
  • Millennials spend an average of only 30 minutes a week blogging. This is far less than the time they spend searching for information on the Internet, listening to portable devices, text messaging, instant messaging, communicating on social network sites or interacting in virtual communities.

The message from Millennials is clear: to lure them into the workplace, prospective employers must provide state-of-the-art technologies, said Gary Curtis, managing director of Accenture Technology Consulting. And if their employers dont support their preferred technologies, Millennials will acquire and use them anyway. In order to acquire and retain the best talent, organizations must understand the technologies that the new workforce expects and then find a way to support their employees without compromising enterprise security.

C'mon people, if we have an iPhone, let us sync it with our work calendar!!!