Go Geek(!) With Your Jewelry Selection...

Geeky Accessories... so hot right now. Keyboard Cufflinks via Etsy

True, we can't all bring our macbooks with us into the office (sad), to the bar, church, or other venues that only allow for small mobile devices... but who's to say that you can't bring a piece of your bff with you anyway?

Thankfully, boys and girls, miss techyness (as PP calls me), is coming to your rescue with a few hot accessories to add some binary fun to the everyday.

Perhaps your computer has moved onto a second life (blue screen of death orother incurable illness) and you want to keep a piece of him/her with you... perhaps a ring or a pair of cufflinks could serve as a longstanding reminder to that wonderful relationship (a little dark right?)

Mac Ring via Etsy

If you're interested in transforming some of your old keyboards into lovely items, read this article from DIY network that gives you the low-down. This forum post shows how one user turns an old laptop into a bracelet (spell something out for extra effect).

Another article from DIY network shows you how to turn a USB port into a necklace. humm.