Gadgets You Should (& Shouldn't) Buy Your Valentine.

Celebrate Vday with a Dunk Mug As time gets closer and closer to Valentine's day, I've been noticing an increase in articles on "Top [insert number here] Valentine's Day Gadgets for Her and Him," and others similar.

Therefore, I have a few feelings on these lists, froma techyness point of view.

#1. Yahoo's 10 Valentine's Day Gadgets for Her and Him: I have a few thoughts on this one. OK, so any article that starts off with " Two well-established facts: 1. Girls love to take pictures.  2. Girls love cute, tiny things." makes me a little skeptical on the research done by the journalist here.

2 things, buddy. 1. I am a girl. 2. I like gadgets... so don't advise crappy ones, ok? Sure, buying a GPS for your girl is a nice Valentine's day present (my suggestion would be to program it ahead of time with where you are planning to meet her and leave a note telling her to turn on the device and press a preset button, because that's really cute), but really, why are you suggesting a $200 Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner!??!! Not good.

Create a digital MixTape using a MixTape shaped flash drive :)

#2. Dvice's Top 10 Gadget Gifts for Your Valentine: These guys are a little bit more on the money, with pointing out a Slingbox (awesome), Umbrella built for two (innovative),  a plasma tv, and even the blackberry-shaped "marziphone." Not bad, guys.

#3. Chip Chick's Top 12 Geekiest Gadget Gifts: This list has been the most creative thus far. Take the ping "dunk mug," that has a dedicated area to keep your cookies. Or how about the usb flash drive shaped like a mix tape... this could be cute if you put mp3 files on it and actually give it as a digital mix tape (that would be totally cute!), which is of course, from ThinkGeek (a personal favorite).

#4. ThinkGeek, Flowers=Lame, Get Something Better for Valentine's Day. With some uber-geeky stuff, it'll at least make you smile. But the I <3 Geeks Handbook might come in handy for some.

In the end, I would admit that most of these are indeed much better options than what's currently #1 on's list.... the "Oxford Biscuit Jar," only $99.99. I think I only want one if there are diamonds in it.

Or, if you really enjoyed the Tamagotchi's from years back, and you're lacking a date this year... there's always the virtual boyfriend/girlfriend. With a really low total cost of ownership of ~$25 (not including future battery replacements), it's probably cheaper than the last person you ended up dating.