Your Digital Will & Testament...

It's a terrible thing to think about, but back at 'cuse in my sociology of the Internet class this came up- when someone passes away - what happens to your online accounts? After a tragedy, the news has been displaying photos from facebook and myspace accounts... and I've always wondered, how can you make sure your digital accounts and assets will be transferred seamlessly, similar to your physical assets? Are people going to continue to write on your facebook wall? What if all of your bills are paid online and no one has access to your account information?

Today, my gmail inbox contained the answer with Legacy Locker. Sure, it's a little depressing (and not free), but it's the first solution of it's kind to come across my LCD screen.

This entrepreneurial company with a very practical goal came up with the idea in an unfortunate circumstance, as described on the about page - Jeremy Toeman, one of the company's founders, found himself in a tough place when his grandmother, an "avid emailer," passed away, and no one in the family was able to reply to the emails in her inbox. He then realized that if something were to happen to him, he wouldn't have a way to transfer domains or login information for his accounts. Thus, legacy locker was born.

Basically, enter your information (login name & password) along with instructions and a beneficiary. When something happens, your "verifiers" will be emailed - who basically need to confirm your condition (they have a pretty secure process, in my opinion). After this confirmation, your instructions will be sent out to the people you have selected - along with any notes or videos you have recorded for delivery in an unfortunate circumstance.