How Sick is YOUR City?

I've heard a lot of complaining lately about twitter and status updates, but, one thing to think about (and I've mentioned this before) is the power of the aggregate data. What if... you could track disease trends via twitter? Look no further. Sick City has arrived.

A project launched by way of DIYCity, SickCity pulls your updates from Twitter (and soon Facebook) for any mentions of disease in a city and then compiles the information into their web interface.

It then ranks the top "sickest" cities (1. NYC, 2. London, 3. San Francisc) and alllows you additional visibility into the data if you are looking for it (# mentions, usernames, etc.)

NYC wins the "sickest city" top spot - and you can track the number of people who twittered different sicknesses on a given day or time period (like how 8 people mentioned food poisoning on April 13th compared to 6 on April 10th). For more details, you can even click on the user name to see the context of the post-

Look forward to the next update, where updated will be mapped on a Google Map- so you can really see where the outbreaks are. Also, the site mentions that "we have also been contacted by a public health group who wants to correlate our findings with public records on diseases in cities." [Via DIY City].