Millennious: (adj.) - Of importance to Millennials

"Let's start a podcast."

A simple statement from my friend Eric that launched something very web 2.0-y that keeps both of us occupied (& out of trouble!).

So what is Millennious?

It's a new podcast from two millennials who love technology, life, and like to discuss how tech pervades every inch of our existence.

So taking a few hints from our favorite podcasters at This Week in Tech (TWIT), we decided to give it a shot.

You can listen to our podcast:

1. Via our Website at

2. On iTunes (this link will automatically launch iTunes on your computer and begin the download)

And we'd love to hear your feedback- so feel free to comment on our blog, e-mail us, or dial into our voicemail service at 646-495-9244 x 73505 (this will leave us a mp3 of what you have to say, so there's a chance we can incorporate you into our program!)