A Millennious Story... Featuring Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl- Yep, Best Show Ever. It's a cross between a Cinderella and a Christmas Story (those are the two best types of "stories" that come to mind)... but this one includes a personal favorite topic of mine: Gossip Girl.

You either love the show or hate it. But in both my personal case (and my friend Alexandra Martell), we love it.

It's just another true millennious story...

She started out just like most GG fans who frequent NY Mag's weekly recap of the episodes - but this New York native set herself apart from the rest by the quality of her comments, and her ability to analyze the show's "reality index."

After weeks of dedicated posting, she was promoted to one of the team's "Chief" Commentators - she now consolidates the best comments into the weekly posts. (for those of you not well versed in Gossip Girl recap, this is a big deal).

NY Mag prefaces her first "reality index" with  "Okay, commenters, you win. We tried tallying up these hundreds of reality points that you write up during the week, then our beloved intern Mike tried, and now we're all exhausted. So now we are giving you the responsibility. That's right, one of your numbers, the fabulous MARTELL, will be your final reality index monitor this week. Behold her handicraft, below.]

I'm not surprised, though, that she was promoted from commenter to official "reality index monitor" - as (1) she IS a Syracuse University Newhouse graduate (2) A Gossip Girl fan and (3) The best nyc tour guide I've experienced thus far ... she's well suited for the job.

Check out her second "recap of recaps" here.

Oh, and Martell (& all you millennials), keep kicking butt in this collaborative web 2.0 world we live in.