What Goes Better with Sunburn than Gadgets?

This picture was taken in Italy, where I was also sunburned. First off, my apologies for the delay in posting to the Techyness. Instead of researching fun techy things for you readers, I was laying on a beach.

And of course, I got sunburned. Which made me think of what types of gadgets I wish I had with me since I couldn't spend any additional time at the beach.

Networking: It's important to have the ability to set up an adhoc wireless network at the drop of the hat. That's where the MiFi Wireless Internet hub comes into play. Plus you'll get really popular with the geekettes at the beachfront bar/pool/etc. $100 for the device, ~$60/month from verizon for service according to my man d.pogue

Charging Station: Nothing's worse than being a guest at someone's residence and taking up their entire surge protector with your gadgets (plus a hairdryer and straightener!). Save yourself some drained batteries and buy something like the Chargepod from callpod- which allows you to remain charged while also not taking up too much room. (~$40 + fees for connectors).

Entertainment: Not everyone has cable. And not all cable channels are awesome enough to have sweet content (lets face it, unless you're running hulu desktop...) So, the only answer is a slingbox, which allows you to access your home TV. (~$180)

Reading: You're either a kindle person or a book person. I believe both are perfectly acceptable forms of reading.

Additionally... make sure you have appropriate cases for your gadgets if you bring them to the beach. Blackberries DO NOT Like sand. Especially the trackwheel (it's not a fan).