Geek Chic Part 2: The Right Headphones... (A lot like Finding the Right Boyfriend)

    RIP SkullCandy Headphones

In my previous posts on the subject, I have compared headphones to boyfriends. This metaphor lives on.

Crappy headphones are easy to come by. 

Great, even wonderful headphones tend to be few and far between [Bloggers Note: This also applies to boyfriends.]

For example, take the pink skullcandy TI's that have recently passed (RIP). After these pink beauties moved on to that "better place" where many of our gadgets are sent, I realized something.

It's time to buy a new pair and not feel guilty about it! So I rallied up the tech recessionista in myself and picked out a pair that won't break the bank, and will allow you to still get your hair colored this month. 

The result? Zumreed Dream Color Headphones. $59.99. These < $100 babies fulfilled what I was really looking for: 

1) Size: I do not want to look like a martian, or a boy.

2) Color: I am a girl and would like them to at least be acceptable to wear in public.

3) Comfort: Please do not smash my head.

4) Sound: Please sound halfway decent and block out all the people around me.

With my new Zumreed Headphones

In the end, all of these things + additional points on the cool factor scale were added because they shipped from Japan. bonus. 

If you really don't believe me... believe the pop stars from Japan... via the YouTube video below. 


Other Great Headphone options for Geek Chic: 

1) Zumreed Headphones in Gold & Silver via Urban Outfitters

2) Aerial 7 Headphones - Tank in Azzurro via Aerial7.