RP (RePost) via IMLPBLOG: Day in the Life of a CBO

Alana Presenting on New Media & Millennials in Atlanta, GA I'm a big fan of blogging.

Maybe that's why I am currently leading a New Media Team while at my day job.

Or maybe it's that reading mashable is one of my daily routines.

However you look at it, I like to call myself the CBO: Chief Blogging Officer. [Techyness note: I totally made this title up and the team makes fun of me for it.]

Each week, the team comes together to discuss what's "going on" in the new media scene, and also to collaborate on our team projects.

A few weeks ago, our meeting was scheduled for shortly after Apple's Macbook annoucement.We had to take "breaks" to check what the blogs were posting on the subject.

Calls like this one make me think back one year ago - our Blog v1.0 - the predecessor to the blog as you see it now. It was the day when our Facebook page was new, the Wikipedia entry had just launched, and we were the first (and only!) leadership program with a blog.

It's interesting to work on blogs both personal in nature (techyness) and professional (imlp blog).  But on the techyness, I'm the solo blogger an operator. But working on a blog with a dedicated team while at work has led me to increase my knowledge on blogging, social media and how to manage a team... by just listening to my coworkers.

It's important to understand the differences between the two - as they have different audiences and "goals" (yes blogs have goals too..)

Excerpts via GE IMLP BLOG