VOTE TODAY: Techyness Needs a New Phone!

HOW DO I DECIDE? I have a life problem: It's time to upgrade.

The lanesberry (bb 8830 world edition) has been a good, standard phone of the smartphone variety for two years. But it's time to try something new.

NOW. the issue is this. I have been holding out for an iPhone (see countdown clock on right hand side of blog) but now with the droid phones entering the market, I'm having second thoughts.

Am I ready for that level of commitment to either platform? Can I leave my BlackBerry comfort zone?

These are hard questions that must be answered. I'm going to be honest - I am really feeling the 'droid after seeing the coverage on engadget.

"the DROID is very much the ultimate phone for phone geeks" - engadget

"I think the DROID is the best phone on the market that isn't the iPhone" -engadget

"it will make a lot of serious geeks seriously happy -- and that's good enough for us." -engadget

But these quotes don't change the fact that I don't know which one to buy. I need YOUR HELP.


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