May the Best Smartphone Win: iPhone vs. Blackberry vs. Droid

Relief: The New Smartphone has been chosen THE POLLS ARE CLOSED.

The people of the blogosphere have spoken.

Yes, all 102 of you - and THANK YOU so much for your comments, thoughts, and votes.

As promised in my previous post, I will be purchasing an Apple iPhone when my contract with Verizon is over - in January (just a few short months away).

If you're interested in the final breakdown of the votes, it was a close call throughout the voting process.

Originally, the iPhone was in the lead, but the droid caught up, time after time, and it was tied for quite some time.

I have a few favorite lines from my expert commenters:

Myrna: "many of my fellow bloggers were effectively tweeting and live-blogging on the Iphones in a way I could NOT on my Blackberry. I don't think it would have been worth it before the 3G..but now, it's been great." [thanks Myrna for looking out for us bloggers! this is great advice]

Will K: "Disclosure: My bias is that I want to have you waiting in line with me to get the new iPhone come summer time." [fellow disclosure: lets do it!]

George Smith: "I'm tweeting, foursquaring, flickring - all the time. That's why the battery stinks. I use my phone. When I had a blackberry, outside of checking mail or texting, I wouldn't use it." [My blackberry battery lasts forever. But I want more from it!]

Maurice: "I mentioned how they [Motorola]  must hate Apple for taking their long-lasting market place as 'communication kings' along with their market share. He said that he's been with Motorola for a little over 3 years... and never - until now - could he actually tell people "go get a Motorola phone"."

You Voted. I listened. iPhone wins!