America's Favorite Handbags Go Digital

Now You Can Buy that Bag... On the Go. I grew up wearing a uniform.

So, as a girl, your only way to showcase your personality was through your purse and your shoes, and at my school, it was all about the bag.

Many went for the true americana styles of Coach or Dooney, and of course there was the occasional Euro entry (which were harder to find because they were not available at the local mall).

Thank God for the Internet.

Now, if you want to make a decision on which bag to buy to go with your uniform, or to buy for a holiday gift, you can shop online catalogs, ask for opinions on twitter, and use interactive gift finders from your favorite retailer/brand (like Coach's cool Facebook app), and find out what people are saying on Facebook.

Or, you can even buy a bag on a mobile site, as Dooney launched their mobile site today. So, if you see "that girl" with the perfect bag, you can buy it on the spot. [I'm loving the canvas bagsdb sport duck print & leather bags).

Another way to kill time while waiting in line...