Why Location Based Social Networking is Awesome

Over the past two weeks, I feel like my life has been one big blur where I move from car -> airport -> airport -> home -> airport -> houston? It is during times like these where it is best to collect points: Airline Points, Hotel Points, Rental Car Points, and Foursquare points.

What is it? Foursquare is part game, part social networking, part GPS. Combine them all together and you have an application (apps for iPhone, Android & Blackberry) that allows you to "check in" at a certain location, give short (tweet-like) tips, all while earning points and location-based badges.

Badges.. I don't want no stinkin' badges.. Oh, but you do! Especially when organizations, non-profits, and local businesses get involved and come up with fun ideas like the City of San Francisco, who partnered with foursquare to launch the "BART Badge."

According to Bart.gov, the BART-themed badge that can be unlocked by regular riders of BART, which provides train service in the San Francisco Bay Area. BART will award $25 promotional tickets each month for the next three months to riders chosen at random from all the riders who have logged Foursquare check-ins at BART stations, starting in November.

So, you're probably wondering why I am new to this whole foursquare business. Well...

(a) my previous phone was not "App-Friendly"

(b) I didn't "get" it

(c) Until recently, it was only open to certain cities (Foursquare is completely open now)

In case you're not convinced, foursquare and geosocial networking sites has been mentioned as a "top trend" for what's going to be big in 2010.