Iconic Techyness: The Shower Radio.

I was reminded of the beauty of the shower radio a few weeks ago while crashing on a friend's couch in Atlanta. One day, while in the bathroom, I came across a Sony Shower Radio and had a major flashback.
Sure, I've tried using my droid while Pandora runs in the background to provide some tunes while in the Shower to re-enact the experience, but it's not quite the same.
I miss you, shower radio, and maybe, just maybe, some of you (readers of the techyness) feel the same way. Therefore, I'd like to propose a few options- both new school and old school.
Old School:
Sony Shower Radio: ~$50 or $30 refurbished from Sony. The perfect old-school blend of AM/FM radio that's pretty tough.
New School:
Pioneer Happy Aqua MP3 Speaker/Case: $70 this baby, available in both pink and blue, cocoons your iPod inside the waterproof enclosure and and is connected via a stereo jack.
Zumreed Rain Drop Speaker: $65  This raindrop-shaped speaker encloses your iPod via is a waterproof Interior compartment. You can also adjust volume, pause, and play using external buttons.
JVC Splash-Free Speaker: $70 Encloses your MP3 player in a clear case (so s/he is safe!) and also allows for external control (so your wet paws don't run your iPod)

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