When Old Meets New: What's Your Tech Nostalgia?

Old Technology Shop - Nostalgic PhotoFeelings of nostalgia are ever present in our lives.We remember things about our past and they mean something to us. BUT

What about tech nostalgia? Not only is it hilarious (remember the old school stuff hiding in your digital graveyard or in old movies?) but it also keeps us grounded in how quickly we are learning to adapt to new technologies.

But the real question is- do we ever long for the "old days" and will we turn into our parents when we tell our kids about the "the way it used to be?" Well, maybe that's why there's a flood of "vintage gadgets" entering the market (UrbanOutfitters sells them).

Maybe they'll make us feel young again?

For more tech nostalgia, check out the Computer Museum (those of you in SF can visit in real life!)

Miss Techyness' Top Feelings of Tech Nostalgia.

1) Browsers with NO TABS. Seriously, how did we ever survive with SO MANY WINDOWS on our taskbars?

2) Printers with Perforated Edges. The days of loading paper into a tray were much different when every page was connected to the next.

3) Zip Disks. People treated these like solid gold bullion. Thank god for flash drives.

4) Tape/CD Walkman. It's funny, because I saw a woman run with a discman the other day. Immediate generation of nostalgia.

5) Microsoft Paint. Oh wait. That still exists. #awesome

6) Cell Phones. Do I really need to go here? However, the infamous Zac Morris "Brick" has been re-engineered in Gold for a little over $212k USD. BONUS.

What's your tech nostalgia?