Top Trends in 2011 (For Alana M. Edmunds)

When I read George Smith's post on his satirical post on top trends in his life in 2011, I couldn't help but take the meme-ish route and draft a reply. 1) Mobile Platform Decisions

In 2010, Alana became truly dual-platform when she acquired both an iPad an iPhone for work, truly outnumbering her Android phone from Verizon. In this upcoming year, Alana will need to make some personal decisions on which mobile OS will dominate her life as her personal phone comes off contract in Q4 '11.

2) An Increase Viewing of Streaming Content

Viewing streaming content from netflix, hulu and other sources has been on an upward trend for Alana in the past few years, with the most significant increase in September of 2o10, when she purchased a TV with Internet "apps." It can be expected that the growth of content libraries on amazon, hulu plus, and netflix will also influence a higher view rate for Alana in 2011.

3) Blog Posts Will Remain Steady, But May Take New Forms

2010 marked a year with an average of 10 posts a month for the Techyness, which remained a strong average throughout the year. In 2011, we can expect around the same number of posts, but with new formats - such as video and new data visualizations.

4) More Photos. Better Photos.

In the middle of 2010, tragedy met Alana when her purse was stolen and her point-and-shoot was taken from her bag. This resulted in a Q4 drop in digital photos uploaded to facebook, twitter, and flickr. In 2011, we can forecast that the point and shoot will be replaced and crisp, new, and higher-resolution photos will result.