Give a Message in a Bottle

A heartfelt message in a physical medium. Sometimes there's nothing better.

I know this may come across as a shocking message from someone who writes a blog called "Techyness" - but I have to admit that sometimes Techyness is the decision to go offline, old school, or paper instead of digital. And there's power in that.

And to all of you who are looking to find that special something for that special someone (regardless of your thoughts on the validity of valentines day as a real holiday) I have to challenge all you techies and non-techies alike to take it offline.

Make the choice to be proactive and look for something ahead of time (but its okay to look online, hehe), something that can be delivered IRL to someone that is special in your life.

One example of a way to take things offline is to get a love letter- a message in a bottle - delivered.

While doing my typical search for cool stuff on Etsy, I found a vendor who will hand-type your message on an old typewriter, seal it with an old school wax stamp, and send it directly to the intended recipient. All for $18.

So go ahead, spend less than $20 and send something IRL to someone you care for.

//image via etsy ($18)

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