The Persona Project: What's In Your Pockets?


Alana Edmunds _ CNN iReport SXSW

While walking through the SXSW trade show in Austin, TX, a photo of a person, next to a photo of a bunch of "stuff" caught my eye - at a booth sponsored by CNN's iReport. I soon learned that it's actually a continued project from both CNN and Jason Travis (the original photographer) called the Persona series.

The idea is in the name, Persona, because I wanted to show how we use our possessions to define ourselves, to create our personas," Travis said. "I think a lot of people can relate to Persona on a lot of different levels. Someone looks at one of the photos and they think, 'Oh, wow, look at what he's carrying! I wonder what's in my pockets?'  - Jason Travis

What would you put on the dots?