Throwback: My Prom. IT'S PROM SEASON!!!!

I admit it, I'm a gleek.

Maybe it's the music, the karaoke-like feeling of wanting to break into song,  the overall addiction factor of the show in it's entirety, my girl crush on Lea Michele (Rachel) , or just my overall crush on Darren Criss (Blaine).

Last week, Glee's  PROM episode (as well as the Disney movie of the same name) started me down a path of reminiscing my days of high school formals.

The episode focuses on one major aspect of Prom - the tradition of crowning a king and a queen, which many of you readers out there can relate to one of the following scenarios:

  1. You were on the prom court
  2. You wished you were on the prom court
  3. You really didn't care either way/thought it was dumb (because you really wished you could be on it)
  4. You didn't care/thought it was dumb (because you truly didn't care about it)

I fell under category #2.

As noted in GLEE's prom episode, who doesn't want a crown?

I had a senior prom experience that started out awesome - a beautiful dress, an updo that did not involve glitter or butterfly clips (see note below if you need a reminder), and a date.

But, putting my "graduation goggles" aside, my high school senior prom was not awesome, which made me work even harder to make my college experience truly awesome.

Looking back, I was in a relationship that was just about to end (drama! Let's not get into it here...) and that made things a little bit more complicated. But, on a positive note, at the mandatory after-prom (yes we had those at catholic high schools) I did win a TV!

So, after prom and graduation, I headed out east to study information management and marketing at Syracuse University.

During my four years at SU, I put major effort into pursuing my passion of technology (nerd alert), joining a sorority (kappa alpha theta!!) and making the most out of an opportunity for which I am truly grateful - without knowing that one day, a crown could still be mine!!! (take that high school!)

The truth of the matter is just because something didn't happen for you in high school doesn't mean it won't.

If you play your cards right, you might just end up with a crown after all.