Happy 26th Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me! (And thanks to Randeep for drawing this photo of me!)

It's hard to believe another year has past and i've added a "+1" to my age as well. I'm blaming the content of this post on the fact that I spent 3 hours on Monday updating my scrapbook. Is that corny? #nah

Since my 25th birthday one year ago, I have (a few highlights):

  • Moved to a new city (NYC!)
  • Moved in with my boyfriend
  • SOLD MY AUDI :( but kept her in the family
  • Worked at a social media agency, then quit for a new job :)
  • Started a new job at a mobile company (just down the street from the social media agency!)
  • Watched my brother graduate college
  • Bought my first pair of louboutins (amongst other shopping adventures in nyc)
  • Made some wonderful new friends here in nyc

it's been a great year, and CHEERS to 26 being the best ever.