Converted: a Paper-Book Traditionalist Shares her Perspective

  My co-ed, catholic grade school in Northwest Ohio was a participant in a program called Accelerated Reader ("AR"), and like many other schools in the area, instated a minimum number of "points" each student had to achieve each quarter (earned by reading books and passing computerized quizzes).

For those of you unfamiliar with AR, it's a reading program where students read books, and then have to take a quiz that will score you on your reading comprehension of the book.

At our school we had a challenge - earn the most points in your grade and win a prize. And did i mention that it's announced in front of the entire school at the closing mass of the year? Needless to say, I wanted to win. And win I did. Every year.

Yea I'm an overachiever. I know.

Over the years, my love of reading has remained constant, but drifted away from me for a while, replaced by computers. I just found it harder to sit still and read something when there was so much to be experienced and learned on the internet.

Over the years, I tried to get into the whole ereader thing. I bought a first generation kindle, but after a few tries, it ended up only collecting dust. Since then, I wasn't sure if anything could replace that traditional feeling of a physical book in my hand.

Enter Kindle Fire. A Christmas gift from my boyfriend, I find that I can't tear my eyes away from it.

And while I used to spend hours floating around Barnes & Noble, I find that that the amazon book store app is a strong improvement from my first interaction with the kindle.

I think I've finally graduated into digital book territory.

Sorry paper books.