Guide Dogs: So Cute They'll Make You Cry (I did)

Last week, I read on Facebook that non-profit Guiding Eyes would be taking a few puppies and service dogs to Union Square (NYC) so people could meet them and learn more about the nonprofit (and volunteer opportunities.)

Since meeting the puppies in Union Square (they are even cuter in real life than in the pictures, if that's even possible,) I've started to notice all the inspiring stories of the dedicated and unselfish love of service animals and the change they make in the lives of those that need them.

The stories of the most recent set of owners and their canine graduates are incredible.

Becky shares, “I’ve been blind all my life but didn’t get my first guide dog until 15 years ago. I don’t dwell on regrets, but if there were one that would stand out, it would be that I didn’t get a guide dog sooner. The ability to walk confidently with my dog – knowing that he will stop at curbs and stairs and will object if I happen to make an unsafe traffic judgment – gives me an indescribable sense of freedom. A new dog makes you think about new things you can do – new roads and new beginnings.”



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