Memorial Day Weekend, BBQs & Pinterest

I'm an OHIOan. I said it and I'll say it again. I'm not from New York City/Tri-State or pretend to be. I'm pretty happy to be an Ohioan at heart (but boy do I dig living/shopping here in NYC.)

Therefore, when a 3-day weekend comes along, it's the perfect time to organize the family, and break out my favorite visual listmaking tool- PINTEREST - to come up with some ideas and help my mom out!

The thing that irks me about pinterest is - how many people "pin" just to "pin" and how many take action of the items they find and add to their personal boards? Are we just organizing information that looks pretty, or are we using the tool to actually do something?

What favorite boards have you created on Pinterest for a specific purpose?


Summer BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Pinterest Board