You've Got Mail: A Communication Throwback

Last night, I watched 1998's You've Got Mail (i know, throwback) with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks on TV, and couldn't help but remember the days of AOL, and of course that fateful sound clip reminding you that there's something in your inbox.

I'm dating myself here, but in 1998, I was in.. 6th grade 7th grade? and while watching the movie, my memories of Dial Up, AOL, AIM, and AOL Chat Rooms came back into memory. I remember begging my parents to pay $20 (?)/month for AOL since it was necessary for my survival, AIM running my life/social life and causing mischief in my grade school days by joining a group of girls hunched over a friend's old CRT monitor, talking to boys.

But seriously, DIAL UP??? How did we ever survive??

Since George is often  forced to watch my corny movies, we immediately started to discuss the movie as it's a good reminder of how quickly things progress. It's funny how a few years in age difference makes a big difference in memories of pop culture (he's a few years older.)

In the movie, without access to smartphones or any of the crazy super connected items of today, Meg Ryan's character has to wait UNTIL SHE GOT HOME to find out if she "got mail" and even determine the cause to why she was stood up at the cafe.

Did we used to be patient like Meg Ryan? Or was it just a matter of circumstance?

Regardless if it is 1998 or 2012, online-initiated relationships are most definitely commonplace, but now we need to make spreadsheets to keep track.


"I wanted it to be you."