Book Signings: A thing of the past?

A few weeks ago, I posted about my attendance at a book signing for Shadow of Night. Here's a photo of my signed book!

While at the event, I started to discuss the nature of "signing" physical books and media in a digital world of ebooks/kindle/nook/ipad -- maybe that is the reason why the turnout was low for such a popular author?

So, I turned to the internet to see what kind of solutions are out there for this situation, that will only become more and more of an issue.

For users with a Nook or a Sony Reader, the stylus can be used to sign the book, however, for the rest of us kindle users, it's a bit more complicated.

One interesting solution is "kindlegraph," a platform that allows authors to "esign ebooks" by using the DocuSign API and emailing customized files and messages to a user's kindle email address. The site lets people write to authors for a document containing a photo of the book jacket, an inscription and a signature for their Kindle. (watch the screencast here. )

In the year since he created Kindlegraph, the founder has amassed nearly 4,000 authors and more than 16,000 titles, including the wildly popular "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy. (Bloggers note: Yes, I just requested a kindlegraph for it..)

Other authors seem to take a fully online approach, with streaming video and answering and fielding questions through Twitter.

Maybe in the Kindle Fire 2 we can hope for a more integrated approach