My New Favorite (& Natural) Mascara

origins ginzing mascara After reading this article in Lucky  Magazine (yes, i'm a subscriber!), I just HAD to try the new Origins GinZing Mascara for a few reasons:

1) My eyelashes were suffering. Maybe it was the chemicals, but I started to notice that those precious babies were falling out when I was talking off my makeup at night. I would settle for it NO LONGER!

2) I'm always looking for an excuse to try a new mascara. When something is as new and critically acclaimed as this Originas mascara seemed to be, it was a perfect justification.

3) The Origins Flatiron (NYC) store is across the street from my office. Seriously, can it get any more convenient?

Unfortunately, at this time I cannot find it on the Origins website or on Amazon. BUT, i did read that it should be available everywhere in mid-August.

My recommendation is this - THIS IS THE BEST EVER! And without parabens, tar, and all that icky gross stuff, everyone is a winner.