Wedding Project Management Help: Collecting Addresses

Postable1 When it comes to gathering information and addresses for your guests, there is a better solution than texting everyone and manually entering into an excel spreadsheet.

I recommend Postable - a free service that can be used for more than just wedding invites - holiday cards, or really just personal address management.

How it Works: 

1. Create.  Postable gives you a link ( or 2. Send. You send it out to your friends, family & guests via email, facebook messages, or however you can. 3. Gather Data They fill out a quick second form + your address book is updated 4. Export. You can then export everything to Excel, export it automatically formatted for your stationer, calligrapher or even print the labels yourself (tons of export options).

Personally, I followed the process below (which has worked pretty well so far) 

1. Create baseline guest list in Google Drive (collaborate with future hubby), add functions to auto-count (to make sure we didn't go over too much)

2. Bug everyone to fill in the postable link (they did!)

3. Update Google Drive spreadsheet with those who have filled in the form (so that I only had to bug certain people)

4. Once all names were entered in postable, I exported to excel, and then created a new master invite list in Google Drive -> which will serve as a hub for invite management.  Once in this format, you can easily mold to the Minted upload template or calligrapher template.

Let me know if you have any questions!